banking and financial services

Banking and Financial Services team at Jamesun technologies provides a wide verity of services to focuses on developing targeted services and frameworks to support the industry with the best-in practices. Our wide range of technology and applications services includes zero or minimum -defect deliveries, efficiency gains, achievement of SLAs and highest quality attainment.

We are specialized and expertise in many areas of banking and Insurance services, including:
  • Banking: services we are into it are as follows Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking, Commercial Banking, Lending, Auto Finance, Cash Management, Treasury Solutions, and Corporate Finance.
  • Cards & Payments: major services we offer in this area are Closed Loop and Open Loop Cards, Payment & Merchant Services which includes product development, sales & marketing, account acquisition, credit risk evaluation, account management, transaction fulfillment, servicing, back office, settlements and financial reporting etc.
  • Mortgage and lending: Helping in the strict implementation and transparency in mortgage business.
  • New Business for Insurance: New business application, submission, verification and completion and client management system.
  • Modeling, Asset Allocation and Analysis: we come up with effective application support to help the investments and asset allocation for the insurance funds.
  • Documentation: Management of complete client profile, insurance policies and claims documentation Partner with us and we assure you to provide you the best capabilities to handle your business effectlvely.From traditional banking applications to insurance business we provide a combination of capabilities and a keen eye on the business needs.
We offer the services in the following classes to cater to your needs
  • Application development
  • Application maintenance and support
  • Testing.
  • Consulting
  • Business intelligence and data analysis
  • Product and Process life cycle management