We are adding clients from niche segments like finance, retail ,gaming,social media and entertainment and healthcare.Our dream is to create happy customers and employees.

COO of UK based accounting software company.
"The team from Jamesun has always been extremely prompt in responding. I should say, they have been proactive most of the times. The punctuality in delivering quality output has always given a smile to my face. I would wish the team grows at all times."

CEO of a social networking application.
"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the extraordinary effort you put in my project. Also thanks for putting in the extra effort whenever it was required. And for your diligence on tasks, email updates and daily SCRUM – it made working with you, even s though you were offsite, much easier and more productive."

CTO of a large trading software company.
"Jamesun helped us to migrate our large portfolio application with product releases and enhancements.The team at Jamesun played key roles to upgrade this critical application into Java EE platforms.I would like to thank their support and dedication."