Mobile or social gaming industry has gained huge popularity. This dramatic growth comes with its own share of challenges such as increasing production costs, demand for shorter product cycles, eCommerce capabilities, and the more efficient revenue models. With our innovative and technology-driven software development services, you can stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

Our talent brings rich experience in building gaming platforms, community websites, online stores, and analytics systems to develop advanced online, social, and mobile games. While you retain the creative control, we will manage all the technical aspects such as cross-platform UI and backend services of the games.

The Jamesun Advantage :
  • In-depth understanding of the domain with the experience of having worked in various games.
  • Expertise in web-based development and online services
  • Proven record in developing scalable solutions for major games and franchisees
  • Expertise in developing relevant applications
  • Reduction in developmental costs due to reusable backend services
  • Improved game development productivity through greater focus on tool development, rapid prototyping, and distributed agile development methodologies
  • Business intelligence that enables cross-selling opportunities, richer online features, detailed ad performance data
  • Dedicated Centre of Excellence (CoE) for leveraging emerging technologies such as Big Data to build game-changing solutions
  • World-class architects who identify, design, and develop effective solutions