Jamesun has commited to serve healthcare with latest standards and technologies. The healthcare industry like any other industry is surrounded by legal aspects, and innumerable challenges. They need to adhere to standards and law of the land, & keep up with the latest trends. These needs and requirements of the industry directly attributes towards the ever increasing share of expense in their pie. Healthcare IT, like all of IT, has changed tremendously over the past few years.

We have built a team with strong domain experience in healthcare and regulations so that your requirements will be implemented in short time.

Jamesun’s Offerings:

We provide development and support to healthcare, pharmaceutical & life sciences offerings cater to these new requirements, business models and regulatory changes.

  • Real-time Health Care Analytics like Clinical Decision System
  • Batch Health Care Analytics like Disease management
  • Future Health Care Analytics with Big data analytics
  • Mobile platforms for real-time systems.
  • Healthcare Analytics&Business Intelligence